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Auction Finance

Auction finance is used to purchase properties at auction because it can be arranged quickly and meets the needs of the purchasing timescales of the auction houses.

Most residential, commercial or mixed use property can be purchased regardless of whether it is habitable or not. We can also source auction finance to purchase land.

Investors looking to buy property at auction will often need auction finance. The main benefit being the speed at which funds can be delivered. We are often able to access lending decisions within hours of an initial enquiry and funds can be released in a matter of days.

We will work closely with you to ensure you go into an auction fully prepared. If you have identified a property and set yourself an upper limit you are willing to pay, we can review your loan options at an early stage, prior to auction and provide you with indicative terms. This will enable you to go to an auction and bid with confidence, knowing your finance will be delivered in time for completion.

We are a Credit Broker not a Lender.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some forms of auction finance.